Delivery & Pricing

Deliveries to customers are via our own delivery service and within 28 days to England and Wales.(Scotland by arrangement) .
If the Buyer agrees to wait for a certain time for delivery, and subsequently changes his/her mind, and cancels the order within this waiting time, it will be deemed to constitute a Breach of Contract and he/she will forfeit all monies and/or deposits paid to Denby Koi Ponds by way of contract. Buyers should inspect goods on delivery to ensure that they are correct, in order and free from damage or other defects. Please note that delivery charges can be added on ordering subject to postcode.

If you wish to collect just select collection at checkout stage. Please note that our prices quoted do NOT include Delivery Charges. Any shipping costs are in addition to the quoted prices and need to be added to product prices.

Our delivery driver will deliver the tank to the nearest safest point off the public road and ask you to sign the delivery sheet stating that you are happy with the condition of the tank. On request he will happily aid you in getting the tank to where you want it to be but Denby Koi Ponds will not be responsible for any damage to the tank occurred in moving the tank. Round tanks can not be rolled through to where you want them placed as the gel will probably chip off on the flange. Please measure the gap that you want the tanks to get through and if the gaps only 3ft a 4 ft tank wont fit through without causing damage to the tank. All of our tanks are big and very strong and sturdy but as with anything solid they do not bend.