Terms and conditions


Terms and Conditions of Sale are important because they create certainty between both parties. They detail the responsibilities of both ourselves ("The Seller") and you, ("The Buyer").
Our terms and conditions comply with existing legislation including the Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended); the Consumer Credit Act 1974, if appropriate, (as amended) and any legislation relating to restrictive trade practices.For all business transactions between the Buyer and the Seller, the terms and conditions of Denby Koi Ponds apply.
All orders for purchase are on condition that these terms are accepted by the purchaser at the time an order is being placed. Denby Koi Ponds accepts no liability for any product or service advertised, supplied or otherwise promoted on this site by any third party. Denby Koi Ponds does not warrant that any of the goods or services linked to or advertised on this site comply with data protection or other relevant legislation and Denby Koi Ponds accepts no liability whatsoever for any claim arising from such goods or services.
Your statutory rights are not affected.

Warranties & Guarantee of Quality of Goods Supplied 

The Seller guarantees the product for 12 months from the day of purchase. We operate a full satisfaction policy and if you are not happy with the quality of the goods supplied when they are delivered we will take goods back immediately and refund any monies already paid to us minus the delivery charge. You should therefore satisfy yourself within 7 Days of delivery that goods are satisfactory, and if not, you should contact us within 7 days by email. Normal Manufacturer's guarantees also apply. Your statutory rights are not affected. Before they buy goods Buyers should satisfy themselves that: 

  • Goods are of in perfect condition and should have no "unacceptable" defects, apart from those pointed out to you by the seller at the time of purchase; 
  • Goods are fit for the purpose for which you intend to use them - including any particular purpose you mention to the seller.  
  • Goods are as described - by the seller and/or in the catalogue descriptions on this website.

Please note that any faults due to, negligence, rough handling or unfair treatment after receipt and acceptance of goods are not covered by guarantee. Basically, if the fault is clearly ours then Denby Koi Ponds will honour all guarantees on our products. However, if the fault is the Buyer's we cannot be held responsible. Buyers should therefore inspect goods within 7 days of delivery,

Orders of Purchase 

Tanks  are available through direct orders made to us online. Filling in and sending the online Order Form does not in itself constitute a contract, and we reserve the right not to trade or deal, for any reason we deem fit, and at our sole discretion. However, once confirmation of an Order has been received by the Buyer from Denby Koi Ponds for the purchase of goods, whether made in writing, verbally by telephone, by electronic means online, or by word of mouth, this will constitute a Legal Contract to purchase and supply between the Buyer and the Seller, and as such is subject to the Laws of Contract in the United Kingdom. 

Dimensions and Specifications 

While we have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information supplied on this website relating to dimensions and specifications, errors do sometimes occur. Therefore, stated dimensions should only be taken as a general guide, and the onus is upon the Buyer to check and ensure for himself/herself the accuracy of all information relating to the product in question. Due to the possibility of errors, any typographical, clerical or other error or omission in any information given by us (including in relation to the price of the products) shall be subject to correction by us without your authority and we will not be responsible for any consequences arising from such inaccuracies.
Please note that all colours and finishes illustrated on our website are approximations at best and that actual colours and finishes may vary from those shown. We reserve the right to change specifications where necessary.

Order Acceptance 

The receipt by us of an Order from a prospective Buyer does not constitute the acceptance of an Order or confirmation of an offer to sell on our part. We reserve the right to refuse to sell at our own discretion and also reserve the right to limit the quantity of an Order for any item. Subject to the other Terms and Conditions contained on this web page, any Order shall only be deemed to have been accepted by Denby Koi Ponds when we have expressly confirmed that we have accepted your Order.